How to create a solid essay: 5 easy steps to follow

A solid essay can be written in 5 simple steps. You can change the steps once you fully understand how to write an essay. Some people may feel it can be done using more or less steps. The idea is to find a suitable way to help you write an essay with pertinent information about your topic. Once you understand the most vital elements of a good essay, you can determine the best way to write your paper based on your abilities.. 

Writing an essay overall is a simple process no matter how long or short it needs to be. Remember an essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. These elements help define important information your essay includes. They help readers identify with content mentioned and how they come together to make a valid point. The following steps can give insight on how easy it is to write an essay.

Choose topic and define thesis.When you can select the topic you want to write about you can choose something that will be easy to write when developing your thesis. It is likely you will select a topic first and then develop your thesis statement. You will look at how you can provide proof of a claim you make about your topic. This is also known as an argument but it can be written in the form of a question. You will think about what proof is necessary to form your theory and how you can write it clearly in your essay.

Write rough draft. The rough draft is one of the most important pieces of this project. You will get your first look at how your information comes together. At this point you are taking notes you collected from your topic and putting them into place. Some essays may require multiple drafts to help revise content.

Plan introduction

... including hook, thesis statement and background on your topic. At this stage you are planning what your introduction paragraph will discuss. The hook will appear first and it is meant to hook readers into your content (make them read it). Next, you will provide information about your topic to help readers get familiar with it. Then, you will add your thesis statement. You can add your thesis before the background information but it depends on how well your content will read for your audience (when considering logic reasoning and clarity).

Define supporting evidence necessary for body paragraphs.

The length of your essay will depend on how many supporting points you will have. These are paragraphs that follow your introduction. For a basic 500 word essay you may have 3 supporting points with each one having its own paragraph. You will provide evidence to support your argument, discussion points and related details along with a topic sentence and transition sentence. Your last paragraph is your conclusion. You will restate important points mentioned earlier along with your overall message you want readers to take from the essay. This portion is like a summary in recapping the significance behind the essay. 

Finalize essay with revisions and edit.

When you have your information in place you can read it over and make final preparations. 

To improve quality of the content you should proofread and edit. You can work with a professional essay writer who can assist you with this process. Your thesis statement should be proven with supporting points in place. Your paper should follow good structure and details should be organized.